It all started with embarrassment. One night after hanging out and taking tons of pictures with some friends I woke up to horrible pictures of myself posted online. Immediately I thought to myself, what happened?! Why didn’t anyone tell me about the discolored concealer underneath my eyes?! All of my friends reassured me that my makeup was fine last night however the pictures did not reflect that. Me being the proactive type I ran to the internet to find solutions to my problem. I found none. The GLAMBULB™ Company was born.

Raise your hand if you ever felt slayed inside of your home only to walk outside in the sunlight and notice foundation mismatch, pour blending, and god awful contouring. I’ll raise my hand one thousand times. LOL.

An online store based in Beverly Hills, GLAMBULB™ was created in 2015 with a mission to provide everyday makeup users, enthusiast, and professionals with a bulb that simulates sunlight to ensure their makeup looks the same indoors as it does out.

Thankfully for GLAMBULB™ I am able to slay my makeup everyday with confidence.

By the way my name is Glammy, the star here at GLAMBULB™, you’ll be hearing alot from me on social media and I may pop up in your inbox from time to time. ; )

Slay on,

Glammy B.